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Business Solutions

Smart Safe Cash Management

Increase safety, security and accelerate cash flow.

Cash is the life-blood of any operation. From the time a customer pays until the money is deposited in the bank, cash needs to flow quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, it does not always do so. The time spent counting, re-counting and reconciling cash is tedious. Add to this preparing deposit, trips to the bank, delays in being able to access funds and poor visibility of cash positions. There are a lot of issues with efficiently processing cash.

Now there is a solution to address these issues and more, in a convenient single service arrangement.

Smart Safe’s are intelligent, in-store cash management systems that receive, protect, and track cash sales, offering a convenient solution to a time-consuming and potentially dangerous task of managing cash. Our Cash Purchase monitors and reconciles all deposit activity across multiple safe locations, ensuring greater security and streamlined operations. Most importantly you can keep your existing bank relationship so no need to change banks.

Cash Efficiency with Lower Risk

  • B&B Financial, and FireKing have joined forces to offer a smart safe program that accelerates cash flow while increasing staff productivity and safety
  • We provide the convenience of daily credit for funds deposited into your safe, while minimizing the number of armored carrier trips required.

Expedited Cash Flow with Daily Credit – From Your Bank

  • Daily credit for funds you deposit in your bill validating safe – start using your funds immediately.

  • No need to change banks – B&B Financial can work with your bank so there are no switching fees.

  • No integration or software customization required – daily credit to your bank account via wire transfer or ACH.

  • Reconcile all deposit activity across multiple locations.

Improved Efficiency – Optimized Armored transport

  • Armored carrier neutral, the best carrier and pick-up schedule will be tailored to meet your needs – devised to minimize overall costs
  • No long-term carrier contracts – just one monthly fee.
  • Access to a web portal to place change orders, delivered with safe pick-ups – increasing staff productivity.

  • Funds deposited in the safe are secure, while receiving daily credit, resulting in fewer pick-ups – lowering costs.

Enhanced Safety and Security – The Markets Most Advanced Smart Safe

  • Summit™ is the most innovative and secure smart safe on the market.
  • Money deposited into the safe is validated, automatically counted and secured.
  • Remote serviceability from centralized support specialists who can directly access the system if an issue arises, reducing the need for on-site service.
  • Remote system health monitoring so you know each of your safes are online and working, with email alerts if a problem is detected.
  • Remote software and firmware upgrade activities proactively manage your cash handling.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch pad interface with printable help screens increase your staff’s productivity, while reducing training time and costs.
  • Secure, role defined access, can be granted or revoked remotely.
  • State-of-the-art encryption for secure communications.
  • High speed thermal printer for receipts and activity reports.
  • Dual high-speed bill validators with standard (1200 notes each) or high-capacity cassettes (2200 notes each) featuring single note or bulk note feeds.
  • Self-clearing capability if a note fed into the device gets jammed, reducing the need for a service call.
  • Backed by an award-winning service organization with national coverage and 24/7/365 live phone support.

By practically eliminating the time staff spends counting, re-counting and reconciling deposits, productivity is greatly enhanced with B&B Financial. Coupled with reduced shrinkage and threat of external theft, accelerated cash flow, daily credit of funds deposited and visibility to optimize cash operations across your entire retail network, the value of the Smart Safe Program can be measured in your bottom line.


To learn more about the B&B Financial offering and how it can take your cash operations to a new level, please contact our office today. 877-265-6446

Credit Card Processing Services

The difference between a partner and a vender comes down to a commitment to stellar service after the sale. How payments are accepted and processed can make or break a business’ bottom-line. More than 150,000 businesses count on us for ongoing service and support. We don’t take that lightly.

B&B Financial Services has partnered with WorldPay to make it easy for business to accept payments. The fact that WorldPay owns the entire payment process allows WorldPay/B&B Financial to remove complexities and complications that business owners face every day.

Nothing is outsourced. We combine technology and award-winning service to make it easier for you to navigate changes, adapt to rapidly shifting market conditions and focus on what you do best: growing your business!

Get Help, Anytime

  • We provide a level of personal services most small-to-mid-sized business can’t find elsewhere. Receive live 24/7, US-based customer care with most calls answered within 30 seconds from our help desk.
  • Your account executive learns the ins and outs of your business in order to best understand your needs and answer your questions.
  • Quickly access your account details, whether you’re searching for a transaction from 5 minutes or 18 months ago.

Speed Up Cash Flow

  • Batch out your terminal by 8pm ET and you’ll generally receive your funds the next day.

Protect Your Business
Our comprehensive payment security program helps protect your business against credit card fraud.

  • Take our online self-assessment questionnaire to identify potential business risk and receive steps to remediate.
  • An indemnity waiver up to $100,000 helps cover approved expenses should you experience a breach while using our security program and encryption service.

Branded ATMs for Banks and Credit Unions

Bank-Branded ATMs.

It’s a win-win equation. We make it easy for banks and credit unions to harness the power of our branded ATMs to achieve turn-key profits without costly headaches.

Dramatically boost your customer service by making it easy for your clients to access their cash, and at the same time, make your presence in a highly competitive marketplace stand out from the pack.

Simply put — bank-branding with B&B Financial Services is a low-cost ATM program with high dividends:

  • Build long-term brand value and loyalty: Capitalize on the established traffic, marketing expenditures and added convenience of your ATM retail locations. Maintain current customers and attract new ones.
  • Higher Profit Margin: Take advantage of future revenue potential and customer service by offering enhanced ATM services, such as prepaid cards, benefits cards, check depositing, bill paying, cell phone top-off and much more!
  • Low Costs: Enjoy an easy ATM placement program without the capital expenditures of hardware, maintenance, and other related costs.

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