Who We Are

B&B Financial has built an alliance with recognized leaders in the ATM industry.

Interstate and Crum and Forster provide a large portfolio of insurance protection including, but not limited to: umbrella liability, equipment coverage, cash coverage, fraud protection, and equipment malfunction insurance. RBS Worldpay provides data processing to the various banking, debit, and credit card networks nationwide. WSFS Bank/Cash-Connect and US Bank/Elan Financial Services provide an unlimited line of credit for ATM cash inventory. Nautilus Hyosung, Genmega, and Hantle provide us with direct access to ATM hardware, software, and product support. Each business relationship is characterized by a shared desire for excellence in innovation, quality, and customer support.

These partnerships and resources allow us to offer the ultimate package to our customers: lower prices, higher commissions, and specialized support.

Our strategy for success is based on a commitment to provide exceptional service, outstanding customer support, reliable hardware, and innovative software. B&B Financial has invested in a skilled and devoted management team to eliminate third-party vendors and control every aspect of the business. From start to finish, we handle our own software development, maintenance, and technical support. Our full service model results in higher customer retention rates, which reflect our ability to exceed customers’ expectations.

As a founder of the company, Tony’s main responsibility is to you, our clients.  He works diligently to manage client accounts, assist in growth and develop a service-oriented staff as well as the company overall. His primary goal is to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible service experience. This involves expanding and securing new business, managing project portfolio that meets or exceeds projections, and participating in the internal management of the company. He has incredibly high standards and holds himself personally responsible for planning, directing and overseeing the operations and fiscal health of the organization.

Tony guides and develops his  staff through identifying skills, needs, delegating tasks appropriately and motivating project staff to provide clients with an exemplary customer service experience. He is hands on, and you can be assured that you are dealing directly with an individual who has the power and authority to make commitments on behalf of the company.

Christina has been working in the ATM and Cash Management business on and off for the last 15 years. Her primary responsibility is assisting you, our customers, choose the best ATM, Cash Management and/or Credit Card Solution/Program for your business. Her goal is to be a forward-thinking professional with considerable knowledge of this industry so that she can be a resource you can trust. Her ability to communicate effectively with our client base and to work directly with clients ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget to guarantee every customer is satisfied.

Elyse does an amazing job at our busy, client-focused office! She is a reliable, well-organized Office Manager that handles day-to-day operations with a focus on efficiency and time management. She is responsible for developing intra-office communication and installation protocols, streamlining administrative procedures, inventory control, and scheduling. She is an energetic professional who doesn’t mind wearing multiple hats. Due to her outstanding customer service, active communication and problem-solving efforts, Elyse is a big reason for our high client retention.

As a seasoned ATM technician, that has been with us since 2015, Jesse is responsible for service, repair, diagnostics, and installation of ATM machines. He is in the field most of the day and travels to client locations to diagnose and fix any problem on site or to remove the machine and take it back to the shop where it will be worked on by any one of our ATM bench technicians. Using equipment that includes multi-meters, diagnostic software and hand tools, ATM technicians fix problems such as worn card readers and malfunctioning cash dispensing systems. As the financial industry implements modern technology, more ATM technicians are required to work on electronic kiosks as well.


Vickie is our client marketer and is client-focused to help grow our brands and gain a competitive edge. Her role is to please and engage our customers in order to build stronger relationships through engaging marketing campaigns. Her mission is to build a community of dedicated B&B brand advocates. The goal is to create value and share referrals, testimonials, references, etc. and create opportunities to increase loyalty and retention. She flexes her creative muscles through creative marketing and communication campaigns to engage and motivate client advocates. She is personable, outgoing and an effective communicator. Her desire is to understand the needs of each of our clients through customer engagement efforts, market research, and client feedback so that we can continue to improve the customer experience here at B&B!

Valerie is our dedicated payroll and accounting manager. She successfully manages employee records and benefits while also being responsible for all our general accounting practices! This includes budgeting, developing monthly and quarterly accounting reports, and managing our high-volume client account base. She is skilled and knowledgeable of payroll, bookkeeping and accounting systems, and proficient with Microsoft Office applications. Valerie truly wears multiple hats, while keeping meticulous records on each employee and our clients in order to prepare checks and direct deposits accurately and on time. She is without a doubt a fundamental and quality asset not only to the B&B team but to our clients and partners as well!