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While we think about ATMs 24/7, we recognize that you have your own business or venue to run, which is why we do our very best to ensure that the ATM purchasing process is quick, easy, and painless for all of our customers. At B&B Financial, we have a variety of ATMs for sale from the top brands and we have a decade’s worth of experience behind us in logistics.

The ATM Purchase Process

ATMs for sale
In an effort to keep the ATM purchase process straightforward, we have easy financing options available that meet the unique needs of all of our customers. For example, we offer our clients a 13-month warranty on any of our ATMs for sale without charging those pesky monthly fees. Just like us, we understand that you have a business to run and we don’t want to take away from your well-deserved revenue by charging you unnecessary fees. We, at BandB Financial Services, pride ourselves in being a well-respected business while provides other businesses and partners with that same respect.

Don’t worry, once you buy an ATM machine, we will cover the shipping. That’s right, we will ship your ATM at no charge.

Additionally, we like to remind our customers that we are always here to assist them with any questions or concerns they may have when purchasing one of our ATM machines for sale. Let your mind be at ease because it will not be the kind of purchase where we collect a payment and send you on your way. Throughout the entire process, we supply everything you may need, including programming, processing, reporting, monitoring, training, and technical support for your ATM machine.

What to expect when you buy an ATM machine from us:

1. First, you’ll be asked to choose from our list of reputable ATM brands (Hantle, Genmega, Nautilus Hyosung, Triton ATM)

2. Then, we will discuss your responsibilities once you receive the machine (loading cash, replacing printer paper, securing the ATM to floor, etc)

3. Next, the owner requirements:
-Electrical outlet and communication device–telephone, internet, or wireless router
-Processing agreement
-Operator agreement
-Voided check.

4.The settlement:
-Daily ACH payment of cash inventory and surcharge revenue

5.And finally, the access:
-24-hour online access to live transaction data, online reporting, status monitoring and ATM balances.

Have more questions? Just call us at 877-265-6446, one of our many dedicated employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our ATM machines for sale and will be more than happy to guide you through the purchasing process.

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