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ATM Rentals

B&B Financial Services is the largest provider of rental ATM services along the East Coast? That’s right, we provide ATM rentals for everyone for just about anywhere. We specialize in events both large and small, our most popular being, special/specific events, music venues, festivals, sporting events, and fairgrounds.

But, it’s the dollars that tell the story of our success. Many of these short-term venues that we provide rental ATM machines to, experience an influx of 50,000 visitors or more per day. From there, these visitors on average, withdraw more than $750,000.00 dollars from the said mobile ATMs, all of which are conveniently located throughout the venue. Imagine all the dollars that wouldn’t be spent onsite if your customers did not have access to their cash in a flash!

Convenient Rental ATM Machines

ATM rentals

We understand that we live in a world that is highly dependent on the use of credit and debit cards instead of cash. It’s true, studies have shown that fewer and fewer people carry cash on them nowadays, and simply rely on the use of their cards whenever they need to purchase something. However, dilemmas can arise when faced with cash-only options at certain events and festivals. This happens sometimes, but our rental ATM machines are there to eliminate any frustrations that can occur by not having cash on hand. We want to add a little–ok, more like a lot–of convenience in your life by always making sure you have cash on hand when you need it, and our rental ATMs do just that.

Not to mention, with ATM rentals on hand, there will never be a missed opportunity for vendors to make money. Sales at special events, music venues, festivals, sporting events, and fairgrounds will only increase with the added availability of cash! No matter the size of the venue, our ATM rentals will be strategically placed in many areas on the property that will allow customers to access them with ease.

ATM Rentals and Reliable Support

At B&B Financial, we manage both the installation and removal of more than 1,000 ATM rentals per year. Our ATM rentals feature reliable high-speed wireless communication, professional signage, accurate and on-time cash services, and remote monitoring.

Alongside our high-quality rental ATM machines, we provide our customers with a dedicated onsite service attendant and an experienced management team to assist in making sure your event is profitable and that all of our machines are fully stocked at all times while working properly and efficiently to meet the standards of all users. We don’t believe in supplying low-profile, outdated machinery that resembles unreliability at best; only the finest quality and fast performing equipment for our customers! Most importantly, our rental ATMs are 100% dependable and safe to use no matter where you are! Our goal is to provide our customers with high-grade ATM machines that will result in a lucrative and successful event!

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