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ATM Services

B&B Financial Services loves to put money in our customer’s pockets by providing them with a wide variety of financial services. From ATM sales to credit card processing services, B&B does it all. Here’s what we can do for you:

ATMs for Sale

For businesses or venues who want to provide their customers with extra accessibility, we offer a wide variety of reputable brand ATMs for sale, such as Hantle, Triton, Genmega, and Nautilus Hyosung. In an effort to meet all of our customer’s needs, we provide many financing options and purchase programs with each ATM sale.

ATM Rentals

In a world that relies heavily on the use of debit cards, we like to keep cash options available at certain venues in case customers run into a cash-only situation. We manage the installation and removal of over a 1,000 ATM rentals per year along the East Coast and provide customers with ATM rentals that are cost-efficient, reliable, and wireless. With our rentals, we even provide a team of experts for onsite ATM machine management services.

Branded ATMs

We provide banks and credit unions with ATM services if they do not have an ATM in place at one of their locations. Our bank-branding ATM service is a one-of-a-kind deal that comes at a low cost, results in high dividends, provides a higher profit margin, and most importantly, builds a long-term brand value and loyalty.

Casino Cash Access

Our casino ATM services allow customers to withdraw their winnings without having to worry about exceeding their withdrawal limits. We offer our CasinoMoney program which is an ATM that can authorize higher cash withdrawals as well as credit card cash advance transactions and debit cash withdrawals. CasinoMoney also has the ability to convert paper checks into electronic currency.

ATM Distributor Programs

If you have an interest in owning your own ATM and ATM machine management services, B&B Financial offers ATM distributor programs that allow customers to invest in their own ATM for their business.

ATM Cash Management Services

Our company offers the opportunity for businesses to receive cash management services for the ATMs that are sold and rented through B&B Financial. Partnered with Cash-Connect, this service allows for customers to have access to low-cost cash access. Essentially, this service enables businesses to deal with less vault cash operations.

Credit Card Processing Services

To make it easier to accept payments, we have partnered with WorldPlay in order to speed up cash flow and essentially, protect your business. We offer credit card processing services that provide customers with 24/7 customer service help and quick access to any account details.

Mobile ATM Placements

We offer mobile ATM placement services for businesses with venues. Our team of experts installs the mobile ATMs strategically around the venue in order to provide customers with easy accessibility for cash options. With these mobile ATM placements, there is always an onsite attendant and management team available nearby.

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